[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: Tomboy 1.0.0 Released (new stable release)

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 22:53:37 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

Earlier today we released Tomboy 1.0.0, the first release of the
stable 1.0.x series, which coincides with GNOME 2.28.0.

Tomboy 1.0.0 represents not only six months of work since our latest cycle
began, but five years of work since Alex Graveley made the first check-in to
Tomboy CVS.

This release is dedicated to Alex for creating such an incredible tool,
Boyd Timothy for all the time he put in as co-maintainer, and everyone
who has contributed patches, documentation, or translations, sent bug reports,
helped others on the list or in IRC, written blogs and articles, or even
just stopped by to say "thanks" and remind us why we do this. :-)

Tomboy has been branched as "gnome-2-28" for stable (1.0.x)
development.  Git master is now open for new feature development

What is Tomboy?

Tomboy is a simple personal note-taking application designed to be
unobtrusive and friendly, while supporting inter-note-links similar to
a Wiki to help you organize your notes and ideas.  It can run either as
a GNOME panel applet or a notification tray icon, and is also supported
in your Windows tray or Mac OS X dock.

Tomboy's Website: http://www.gnome.org/projects/tomboy/

Tomboy's Wiki: http://live.gnome.org/Tomboy
 * Road Map: http://live.gnome.org/Tomboy/RoadMap
 * Brainstorming: http://live.gnome.org/Tomboy/PlaceForNewIdeas

Tomboy 1.0.0 is available at:

 sha256sum: 08df24bc99f994c0e97ad634d5cca51772565de834186c4c5c2eff4d4e71a260
 size: 6.6M

 sha256sum: e92a5babd6d105a8b0ce0d9de9ce9bfe7d0d6602ba1cc62b79e1a8882d5bf84e
 size: 5.6M

 sha256sum: 9e30b77fe6e6da2f6689062c010e8ab7d3a0c853ed57ff008d8cc2f997bab845
 size: 2.2M

 sha256sum: 5c8574a2b26e6ee52eab576ca337b9209c7efe3b1e351f98ff03f6c5ad5f8ee2
 size: 1.0M

What's new in Tomboy 1.0.0

Major changes since the 0.14.x series include the following:
* WebSync add-in for synchronzing to the upcoming Tomboy Online web service,
  or your own server running Snowy, or any other server implementing the new
  Tomboy Web REST API (soon to include Ubuntu One and Midgard)
* NoteDirectoryWatcher add-in for safely editing *.note files Tomboy is running
* Underline add-in
* Faster start-up
* UI improvements in note searching
* More keyboard shortcuts
* Loads of bug fixes (see below)
* Updated documentation
* Notes and other files migrated to new standard directories

Changes since 0.15.7 (the last development release) include the following:
* Fix crash when showing Search from panel applet (#595098).
* Redirect complete applet output to ~/.config/tomboy/tomboy-panel.log.
* Every patch contributor goes in the About dialog now.
* Add Underline add-in to Windows/Mac builds.
* WebSync fixes on Windows.
* New Translations: ca at valencia, id
* Translation updates: as, bg, bn_IN, br, ca at valencia, cs, da, de, el, en_GB,
                       es, et, eu, fi, fr, gl, gu, he, hi, hu, id, it, kn, ko,
                       lt, ml, mr, nb, or, pa, pl, pt, pt_BR, ro, sl, sr,
                       sr at latin, sv, ta, te, th, uk, zh_HK, zh_TW

Bugs resolved FIXED since Tomboy 0.14.0

340106 	ability to class notes into categories
345417 	Galago plugin crashes sometimes
357426 	Keybinding for FixedWidth plugin missing
364945 	Preferences dialogue ignores input when About Tomboy dialogue is open
392627 	Tomboy fails to autolink / highlight WikiWords beginning with "Mac"
414029 	Hyperlinks cannot be dragged with mouse
417145 	Long note titles make tray menu too wide
418964 	Inconsistency in the Text menu
422954 	When exporting to HTML, the first bullet doesn't show up if there is...
429236 	Tomboy crashes if I attempt to paste from Gnumeric
431093 	tomboy remains running but doesn't show an icon if it's in the notifi...
435734 	allow for Notebook renaming
436994 	file hyperlinks include the space character before them
466577 	spell check underline in text color/makeup dissorted
468459 	Possibility to sync from main menu
473335 	Tools->Syncronization is enabled even when all plugins are disabled
481995 	Add underline text formatting support
483297 	Look of find bar
488822 	Keyboard accelerators for changing text size
500513 	Search all notes window should have resize grip
500524 	Sync tries to load fuse as a module when fuse is built in to the kernel.
500803 	Update to GNOME Help Centre OMF Files for "Issue 24: Documentation Me...
506799 	Background color don't uses the themes's color
507239 	File menu, New note and new notebook icons
508844 	Missing 48x48 gtk-info icon causes tomboy show a ugly resized image i...
518585 	Get rid of .tomboy and follow fd.o specifications
533537 	Tomboy applet shouldn't connect to session manager
535131 	Highlight searchfield after choosing 'search all notes'
537882 	SCIM activation keys won't work straightforward with tomboy 0.10.2
540822 	Pressing "Escape" in search mode not always close bottom search bar
551097 	It is not possible to search for phrases
557288 	Use ~/Library/Application Data/Tomboy and ~/Library/Logs
558314 	Tomboy can have problems if other GTK+ installs modify PATH and GTK_B...
558907 	Tomboy crashes if Windows username contains Cyrillic letters
563744 	Search All Notes window doesn't preserve geometry of Notebooks/note p...
565336 	port to gmime-sharp-2.4
567989 	Tomboy is slow to start up
569848 	Set svn:eol-style to "native" for all text files
570106 	tomboy freezes on export to HTML
572024 	Printing: Note content printing over margin and past bottom of page
572088 	Update to Mono.Addins 0.4+ for Windows at least
572192 	Tomboy does not start: .NET Runtime 2.0 Error generated
573923 	Bump the build requirement of gmcs to enable object initilizers, "var...
574154 	Remove separator in dialog
574155 	UI issue in the synchronization tab
574517 	SSHFS sync shouldn't force "-p 22" option on tomboy by default
575343 	Open syncronization preferences directly instead of "Syncronization N...
576487 	Make the Tomboy documentation cross-platform
580430 	Crash on startup with old .tomboy.log
581582 	Empty tooltip
581867 	Tomboy app does not load.
582095 	Launch fails at random from autostart in KDE4 Mandriva 2009
583995 	Html export does not work
584910 	When closing search window, do not quit if Tomboy icon is visible
586518 	Tomboy not loading -> Addins are missing in .dmg
586605 	Tomboy crashes when opening popup menu on PPC or ARM
588181 	explanation of one message
588593 	Live updating of search results can negatively affect note browsing
591455 	Authentication fails if not already logged into Snowy
594046 	OAuth support is broken
595098 	Crash when opening "Search All Notes" window [applet only]

The next six months...

Some tentative, overly-optimistic plans for the next release cycle include:
* Access your notes everywhere with work on Tomboy Online, Tomdroid, etc
* Automatic synchronization
* Note sharing and collaboration via Telepathy (*nix-only)
* Better OS X experience
* Customizable simplified note UI
* A new innnovative workflow for simple task lists
* Rethinking notebooks and search
* More performance work
* Brainstorming for how Tomboy should fit into gnome-shell
* Your awesome ideas!

But we haven't had our roadmap meeting yet, so we'll see what the community
decides during this public meeting (date and time TBD).

Big Thank You

Special thanks to everyone entering bugs, submitting patches, and
helping to make Tomboy better!

Specifically, Tomboy 1.0.0 could not have happened without the
contributions of the following individuals (please let us know if you
should have been mentioned here):

Sandy Armstrong, Michael Fletcher, Mark Wakim, Benjamin Podszun, Rodrigo Moya,
Jan Rüegg, Stefan Schweizer, Buchner Johannes, Jeff Tickle, Jeffrey Stedfast,
Aaron Bockover, Anders Petersson, Matt Johnston, Boyd Timothy, Paul Cutler

Tomboy would not be very useful without our hard-working translators. Here's
everyone who helped out this cycle:
(semi-automatically generated list...please let us know if you were left out)

(as) Amitakhya Phukan
(bg) Alexander Shopov
(ca) Gil Forcada, Jordi
(cs) Pavel Šefránek, Petr Kovar
(da) Ask H. Larsen
(de) Mario Blättermann
(el) Fotis Tsamis, Marios Zindilis, Kostas Papadimas
(en_GB) Philip Withnall
(es) Daniel Mustieles, Jorge Gonzalez
(et) Ivar Smolin
(eu) Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio
(fi) Tommi Vainikainen
(fr) Claude Paroz, Bruno Brouard
(gu) Sweta Kothari
(he) Yaron Shahrabani, Mark Krapivner
(hi) Rajesh Ranjan
(hu) Gabor Kelemen
(it) Milo Casagrande
(kn) Shankar Prasad
(ko) Changwoo Ryu
(lt) Gintautas Miliauskas
(lv) Raivis Dejus
(ml) Peter Ani
(mr) Sandeep Shedmake
(nb) Kjartan Maraas
(or) Manoj Kumar Giri
(pl) Tomasz Dominikowski, Piotr Drąg
(pt) Duarte Loreto
(pt_BR) Djavan Fagundes, Og B. Maciel, Henrique P Machado, César Veiga
(ro) Adi Roiban
(ru) Oleg Shmelyov
(sr) Branko Kokanović
(sr at latin)  Branko Kokanović
(sv) Daniel Nylander
(ta) I. Felix, drtvasudevan
(te) Krishnababu K
(th) Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
(vi) Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy, Nguyễn Đình Trung
(zh_CN) Aron Xu, Ray Wang
(zh_HK) Chao-Hsiung Liao
(zh_TW) Chao-Hsiung Liao



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