[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: Banshee 1.5.1 Released!

Gabriel Burt gabriel.burt at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 23:01:02 EDT 2009


We've released Banshee 1.5.1!  It is the result of 4 and a half months
work by more than 29 coders and 23 translators.

    New Features:

      * Play Queue Auto DJ keeps the tunes coming
      * Shuffle by album and artist
      * Shuffle by weighted rating and score mode
      * Add tooltips for ellipsized ListView text
      * Keep the playing song visible in the track list
      * Add support for WebOS devices
      * Add support for the Samsung Galaxy Android Phone


      * When user picks new sort column, default to sort ascending
      * Drop the " Library" suffix on the Music and Video sources
      * Add thin highlight to ListView selection for 3D effect
      * Keyboard shortcut (ESC) to clear the search box (BGO #558938)
      * Expose LAME's "preset" option (BGO #563303)
      * Added a --gconf-base-key for running sandboxed (BGO #585546)
      * Trim URL pasted from clipboard to podcast dialog (BGO  #585679)
      * Allow selection of multiple folders on import (BGO#586946)
      * Support playlists on Android G1 devices (BGO #583335)
      * Better support for devices running Rockbox
      * Set video sync folder for Android and WebOS devices
      * Made the error message label selectable (BGO #589741)
      * Save and load the Gtk.AccelMap (BGO #579013)
      * Added taglib/oga mimetype to the vorbis audio profile (BGO #586999)
      * Auto-completion for composer, conductor, grouping and
copyright (BGO #592129)
      * Added the 'comment' search filter (BGO #380524)
      * Selectable song properties (BGO #586106)
      * Show a tooltip in track editor when the property is truncated
(BGO #589782)

    Notable bug fixes:

      * Fix blank MimeTypes for tracks ripped before 1.4 (BGO #536590)
      * Fix a Bit Rate column sizing glitch (BGO #584587)
      * Fix browser positioning when Banshee is maximised (BGO #575834)
      * Fix compilation metadata reading and writing (BGO #563283)
      * Work with new notification-daemon (BGO #565876)
      * Avoid needlessly syncing iPods twice
      * Deterministically sort sources to avoid fluttering
      * Look for Rhythmbox db at both new and old paths
      * Fix bug with scrobbling after skipping a track (BGO #584614)
      * Fix crash in equalizer (BGO #548912)
      * Fix an exception on startup when DBus is disabled (BGO #573050)
      * Fix off-by-one-day date querying bug (BGO #546844)
      * Fix a UI/spacing glitch in the Smart Playlist Editor (BGO #571288)
      * Don't hide the track info popup while it has focus (BGO #544592)
      * Prevent endless "Searching for CD metadata..." (BGO #527788)
      * Fix Last.fm now-playing for non-decimal track lengths (BGO #586460)
      * Dispose the SqliteCommand after it's executed (BGO #586498)
      * Fix notification area popup positioning on multi-monitor
systems (BGO #586589)
      * Fix the playing indicator when song in list more than once (BGO #585798)
      * Fix crash when opening the profile conf dialog (BGO #587308)
      * Fix crash stopping jobs on shutdown (BGO #587373)
      * Fix notification area popup flashing (BGO #587703)
      * Trim filename dots and spaces to be NTFS compliant (BGO #588350)
      * Stop playing from audio CD when it's ejected (BGO #475094)
      * Don't update DateUpdated stamp when transient fields change
(BGO #585896)
      * Fix DAP content page title not changing when device renamed
(BGO #589290)
      * Set the Podcast flag on import based on genre (BGO #589831)
      * Fix hang when slider dragged to track change (BGO #539395).
      * Prevent slider jumping around after seeking in stream (BGO #591016)
      * Fix Last.fm logos on dark themes (BGO #588094)
      * --query-X option sometimes returned an error (BGO #591291)
      * Build and runtime fixes for FreeBSD
      * Fix editor always prompting to save podcasts (BGO #584880)
      * Fix rounding when updating the track score
      * Fix initial track score calculation (BGO #594568)
      * Fix playback buttons' a11y (BGO #595294)
      * Fix crasher on PPC (BGO #547218)

      * 131 bugs were fixed since 1.5.0

Full release notes:

Download the source code:
sha256sum: 599b67ffd6ca1bf585adb13c397959e7f632596648c7782a20bdf5ab57978b8b

Enjoy, and congratulations to everybody who contributed to this great release!

-- Gabriel

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