[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: Smuxi 0.6.3

Mirco Bauer meebey at meebey.net
Fri Jan 2 21:43:25 EST 2009

Just in time, with the beginning of 2009 we are proud to announce the
release of Smuxi 0.6.3! This release is the 3rd bugfix release of the
0.6 series but also contains as usual new features for your joy of
upgrading to the new version.

Smuxi is available for download from:

d383fd0d1f1ff3028e39b7306926ed06  smuxi-0.6.3.tar.gz
68389fa654ae1ff6eefcfde5d366f422  smuxi-0.6.3-bin.tar.gz
bb97a96aa2559b403b15c4d35cd1c464  smuxi-0.6.3-bin-win32.zip

What is it?
Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform
IRC client for advanced users, targeting the GNOME desktop.

The special feature of Smuxi is that it can be used like the typical
irssi+screen combo. The IRC session can run on a server (using
`smuxi-server') and a frontend (like `smuxi-frontend-gnome') then can
connect to that. The frontend can then be detached and re-attached at
some later point without losing any IRC connections or messages.

The project website can be found at:

What's New?
New features:
    * Full tray icon support. (trac#55 and trac#137)
    * Configurable line wrapping. (trac#5)
    * Events such as join/part/quit now use a different color in the
      tab label. (trac#66)
    * When connecting to a smuxi-server previous highlights will not be
      highlighted again. (trac#97)
    * Messages can now be sent to all chats by using
      the /amsg, /anotice and /ame commands. (trac#109)
    * The find group chats feature now indicates an active search by
      using a busy mouse cursor symbol. (trac#115)
    * Passwords are now hidden by default but can be shown by using a
      "show password" button. (trac#116)
    * Nicknames can now be listed by using the /names command.

    * Find group chat dialog will no longer freeze the interface when
      the IRC server (e.g. OFTC) uses non-RFC compliant reply codes.
    * /notice #somechannel will no longer crash. (trac#108)
    * A private notice will no longer trigger a highlight. (trac#45)
    * URLs can now be clicked while a nickname is selected on the
      userlist. (trac#112)
    * Server no longer crashes when a frontend doesn't cleanly
      disconnect. (trac#117)
    * Quitting smuxi using the window close button (X) will now store
      the last used window size and position. (trac#121)
    * Validation now requires a nickname be set in the preferences.
    * URL matching is now case-insensitive. (trac#131)
    * /quit command will no longer reconnect. (trac#139)
    * Username and password are now correctly used in the quick connect
      dialog. (trac#141)
    * When disconnecting from a server, all chats will now be closed.

New translations:
    * French translation contributed by Clement BOURGEOIS (trac#113)
    * Italian translation contributed by David Paleino
    * Spanish translation contributed by Juan Miguel Carrero

As you can see, we have applied lots of love to this release :-D Now
head to the download page and enjoy this great new version!

There are now also packages available for openSUSE (thanks to Andrew
Jorgensen) and Ubuntu (thanks to Stefan Ebner). The download page
contains explanations how to install those.

1 January 2009
Mirco Bauer


Mirco 'meebey' Bauer

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