[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: Beagle 0.2.18

Joe Shaw joe at joeshaw.org
Mon Aug 27 14:20:31 EDT 2007


I'm pleased to announce the release of Beagle 0.2.18.  This is a bug
fix release, mainly to handle API breakage in evolution-sharp.


To download the 0.2.18 release or learn more about Beagle, visit
the Beagle web page:


[ Due to a temporary problem with the GNOME FTP server, the tarball
is also available here:



Beagle is a Linux desktop-independent service which transparently and
unobtrusively indexes your data in real-time.  For example:

* Files are immediately indexed when they are created, are re-indexed
  when they are modified, and are dropped from the index upon deletion.
* E-mails are indexed upon arrival.
* IM conversations are indexed as you chat, a line at a time.
* Web pages are indexed as you view them (with a browser extension).

Beagle supports many different data sources and file formats.  For a
complete listing, visit:


Beagle uses the Lucene indexing system from the Apache project and the
prodigious Doug Cutting, ported to .NET by George Aroush.

Beagle includes an optional GNOME-based graphical tool for searching
its indexes.

To learn more about Beagle, visit:



The Beagle daemon requires at least:
* Mono
* glib-sharp 2.4.0
* GMime 2.2.0
* libexif 0.5.7
* shared-mime-info
* sqlite 2.x or 3.3.1

The GNOME user interface requires:
* gtk-sharp 2.4.0
* gnome-sharp 2.4.0

To support all of Beagle's features and file formats, you should
also have:
* Mono 1.2.2 or better
* Firefox 1.5 or Epiphany
* Evolution-sharp 0.13.3
* libgsf 1.14.1
* gsf-sharp 0.8.1 from
* wv1 1.2.4
* pdfinfo and pdftotext from xpdf
* MPlayer or Totem 2.17.1
* Galago 0.5.x
* Linux kernel 2.6.13 with inotify


* Build and run against evolution-sharp 0.13.3.

* No longer recrawl directories if we can't set up an inotify watch.
  This fixes the looping bug of death when the screensaver kicks in.

* Greatly improve indexing overhead with the beagle-build-index tool.

* Display a warning in the log if the number of inotify watches runs

* Fix a problem in which beagle-search wouldn't work after a daemon
  restart.  [bgo #463803]

* Fix a bug in which processing large numbers of maildir files could
  cause beagled to run out of file descriptors.  [bgo #466891]

* Add support for the ~/.liferea_1.2 directory to the Liferea
  backend.  [bgo #426573]

* Add support for PDF keywords, and allow colons in PDF metadata.
  [bgo #463003]

* Ignore legal.xml files in the Docbook filter, since they're largely
  content-less and frequently duplicated.

* Fix the SQL used to retrieve tag information from the Digikam DB.
  [bgo #454656]

* Improve error reporting throughout.

Contributors to this release: Joe Shaw, Debajyoti Bera, Lukas Lipka,
Joseph Benavidez, JP Rosevear.

Full set of changes:


The Thunderbird backend is memory hungry and buggy.  It is now disabled by
default, but can be reenabled by passing in --enable-thunderbird to

There are some race conditions that can occur with certain combinations of
file system operations.  In very rare cases it might be necessary to stop
and restart the daemon.

At this point in development, we cannot commit to stable APIs or file
formats.  You will almost certainly need to reindex your data at some
point in the future.

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