[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: Tomboy 0.3.4

Alex Graveley alex at beatniksoftware.com
Sun Jan 29 17:53:23 EST 2006

Hey everybody, a new Tomboy is out!


Tomboy is a simple note-taking application designed to be unobtrusive
and friendly, while supporting inter-note links similar to a WikiWikiWeb
to help you organize your notes and ideas.  It can run either as a Gnome
Panel applet or a notification tray-icon.

Visit the Tomboy website at http://www.beatniksoftware.com/tomboy for
downloads, screenshots, and more information.


This newest release (0.3.4) has lots of great new features, including:

    * New Evolution mail plugin:
         To keep track of email, drag them from from Evolution into your
         notes, to insert the mail's subject as a link.  Click the link
         to open the email!

    * New Galago/Gaim presence plugin:
         Just type the screenname of your buddies in a note to create a
         link.  Click to send them a message with Gaim!

    * New Note of the Day plugin (not installed by default):
         Auto-creates a new Note of the Day, every day, for you to jot
         down TODOs or journal entries.

    * New Fixed Width text plugin (not installed by default):
         Hot off the presses, this plugin from Ryan Lortie lets you keep
         code blocks nicely aligned.

    * Handle middle-click paste to tray icon.
         To quickly keep a snippet of text around for later, just select
         it and middle-click the Tomboy tray icon.  The text is inserted
         into your "Start Here" note, with a timestamp.

And of course, lots of bugfixes:

    * Support for building under latest Mono.
    * Add plugin API for adding to the Text menu.
    * Always show opened notes in the tray menu.
    * Auto-detect panel applet install path.
    * Fix inserting newline in note title line.
    * Fix multi-line link creation.


You can download the source code directly from:


This is the first release in some time, and the last big one before some
major internal overhauls, like the switch to GTK# version 2.

I think this is by far the most solid Tomboy yet, and it's great to get
some useful new features out to a wider audience!

Thanks & Enjoy,

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