[macios-devel] iOS 10 samples

Oleg Demchenko (XAMARIN) oldemche at microsoft.com
Thu Sep 1 16:15:22 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

As you may know in Cycle 8 Beta we introduced support for iOS 10 and Xcode 8. If you still wondering how to embed new iOS 10 functionality in your apps probably our samples<https://github.com/xamarin/ios-samples> can help you quite a lot.

List of iOS 10 samples<https://github.com/xamarin/ios-samples/tree/master/ios10> we have at the moment:

  *   AVCamBarcode - using AVFoundation to Detect Barcodes and Faces.
  *   Flags - a demonstration of automatic RTL support in Asset Catalogs and UIStackViews.
  *   IceCreamBuilder - app extension that interacts with the Messages app.
  *   RawExpose - shows a RAW image asset management system.
  *   SpeakToMe - using Speech Recognition with AVAudioEngine.
  *   SpeedSketch(sitting in PR now) - leveraging touch input for a drawing application.

We also have a bunch of samples in progress. Soon they will be available in public repos:

  *   AVAutoWait - using AVFoundation to play HTTP assets with minimal stalls.
  *   AVCamManual - extending AVCam to Use Manual Capture API.
  *   HLS Catalog - using AVFoundation to play and persist HTTP Live Streams.
  *   AVCam-iOS - using AVFoundation to Capture Images and Movies.
  *   WatchPuzzle - how to work with low-level graphics in watchOS.

This list is not final and we’re going to add more sample apps to our collection in next few months.
According to my personal experience, our new APIs are in a pretty goos shape, please go and try them out!

If you see a behaviour that looks suspicious, don’t hesitate to file a bug via our preview Form<https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/newbug?release=C8Preview> or Bugzilla<https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/>. If you have a sample or a feature request you can use Issues in ios-samples repository <https://github.com/xamarin/ios-samples/issues> or Xamarin Forums<https://forums.xamarin.com/categories/ios>.


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