[Gtk-sharp-list] Store GUI Output in Properties

Sascha Manns Sascha.Manns at mailbox.org
Wed Jan 11 11:54:38 UTC 2017

Hi Baltasar,

sorry for my late answer.

I've used your code in my MainWindow: Gtk.Window file.

protected void OnClicked (object sender, EventArgs args)
    button1.Clicked += (o, e) =>
        PublicationTitle = entry2.Text;
        PlaceOfAction = combobox1.ActiveText;
        DocType = combobox2.ActiveText;

Actually after building the solution and running it, the GUI comes up
and i can fiill in my data. After clicking on OK the program is already
up, but does nothing else. The whole code of the little GUI is placed
there: http://bit.ly/2j5P6tF.

Greetings Sascha
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