[Gtk-sharp-list] PixbufAnimation bug?

Brandl, Milan brandl at tetronik.cz
Fri Feb 3 12:30:45 UTC 2017

Hi all, I have upgraded GTK# to version 2.12.42 and code
for animated gif doesn't work now:

Gdk.PixbufAnimation anim =  new Gdk.PixbufAnimation("some path to file");
Gdk.PixbufAnimationIter it = anim .GetIter((IntPtr)null);

Exception ocures on second line with message: "The type initializer
for 'Gdk.PixbufGifAnimIter' threw an exception."

Is it bug? Has been there any change in GTK#  usage?

Thank's for any suggestion, Milan B.

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