[Gtk-sharp-list] FontButton Font change Not working

netgear cool_rainbow at rocketmail.com
Wed Jun 1 04:51:21 UTC 2016

Im using the following code to obtain the selected font from a FontButton.But
the fontName is not changing even if i choose a different font.. the size
change is working.What I'm i doing wrong? Please advice. 

  *  protected void OnFontbutton2FontSet (object sender, EventArgs e)


                string sfont = fontbutton2.FontName; 

                string fontName=sfont.Substring(0,sfont.LastIndexOf(' '));

                int fontSize=int.Parse(sfont.Substring(sfont.LastIndexOf('
')+1).Trim());// I know, looks a bit ugly 
                cfont=new Font(fontName ,fontSize,
                selectedfont=new Font(fontName ,fontSize,
                MessageDialog md = new MessageDialog (this,
DialogFlags.DestroyWithParent, MessageType.Info, ButtonsType.Close,
                int result = md.Run ();
                MessageDialog md2 = new MessageDialog (this,
DialogFlags.DestroyWithParent, MessageType.Info, ButtonsType.Close,
                int result2 = md2.Run ();
                if (wwork.IsBusy == false) {

                    wwork.RunWorkerAsync ();

                } else {
                    bgdirty = true; 
            catch(Exception error) {


But the newly created font `cfont` object stays as the default font,only the
font size changes .. font name does not change.What I'm i doing wrong.
Please advice.

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