[Gtk-sharp-list] Store GUI Output in Properties

Sascha Manns Sascha.Manns at mailbox.org
Sat Dec 31 11:30:17 UTC 2016

Hello List,

i just created my first C# Project and the first one with a little GUI.

I have defined this public Properties:

  * public string Title { get; set; } // entry2
  * public string PlaceOfAction { get; set; } // combobox1
  * public string Type { get; set; } // combobox2

The GUI Code looks like:

The field title is a entrybox, so they should return a string which i
would like to store in Title Property.

Also there are two comboboxes with each two possible entries, and it
should return the choosen text. Eg. If choosen type "Work" it should
return "Work". Also i want to assign that string to the properties
"PlaceofAction" and "Type".

Also there is a "OK" button. It should run the submitting action and
should start in Publication class.

Maybe anyone can help me?



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