[Gtk-sharp-list] Moving to Gtk#3 from Gtk#2.12 with stetic designer

Sven Baus s.baus86 at gmx.net
Tue Jun 17 17:05:15 UTC 2014

Hello everybody,

I'm currently working on the Gtk#3 port, so I'm moving my application
from Gtk#2.12 with stetic designer to Gtk#2.99.x with Gtk.Builder.

I read on this list, that using the
https://github.com/xDarkice/stetic2ui tool helps. I now did the first
approach in porting each window to Gtk.Builder, but all I got is a grey
window with nothing on it. Also no error is reported, it just displays
no items.

My gui.stetic can be found here,
https://sourceforge.net/p/audiocuesheet/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/src/AudioCuesheetEditor/gtk-gui/gui.stetic and the resulting MainWindow.ui is attached. Somebody has an idea, of how I can find out, what is wrong? Any debug options I can enable?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Sven Baus
s.baus86 at gmx.net 
Tel.: 0175 / 49 50 309
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