[Gtk-sharp-list] Good GTK# charting library, fully integrate with Monodevelop

Scott Stephens stephens.js at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 14:14:15 UTC 2013

I don't think there's a library that meets your criteria, at least not a
free one.  I've conducted similar searches in the past and come up empty.
 To try to meet some of my needs I forked NPlot and started a new project
which I call Florence (I told the NPlot creators what I was interested in
doing, and they asked me to rebrand rather than do it under the NPlot
name).  You can find it here: https://github.com/scottstephens/Florence

I've found the NPlot charting functionality to be sufficient, the two
capabilities that I wanted were to be able to write charting code that
could work within either WinForms or Gtk# widgets, and to add an imperative
API (so that it would be convenient to call plotting code from the C#
REPL).  Unfortunately, it's not even close to finished.  It works as well
as NPlot, just with the addition of an imperative API, and with a lot of
the code more cleanly separated between tookit-specific and
toolkit-agnostic pieces than the NPlot code was.  But it still only works
with WinForms, as I haven't implemented any of the Gtk# backends yet.
 Anyway, not even close to being a polished solution to your problem, but
if you're willing to put some coding effort into solving your problem, this
might get you closer than starting from scratch.

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> Hello to all!
> I've searched over all Internet for good GTK# based charting library, which
> could be fully integrated to Monodevelop and his GUI designer.
> I've found ZedGraph, but it was poorly documented, and without integration
> to GUI designer. That is true for NPlot and NPlot.Gtk too.
> Could anybody recommend a library, which would meet all my requirements?
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