[Gtk-sharp-list] Odpowiedź: Monodevelop: unable to find gtk containers and widgets in toolbar pad

Jacek Rużyczka stacheldraht at interia.pl
Sun Jun 23 12:25:57 UTC 2013


> I want to develop a Gtk# GUI application using monodevelop on Ubuntu
> 12.04. Looking at the tutorials, I found that on switching to the
> designer tab the "toolbar pad" contains the Gtk "containers and
> widgets". However, when I switch to the designer tab it does not show
> the default Containers and Widgets in the "toolbox pad" on the right
> side of the screen. It does not have any containers like Hbox, Table
> and no widgets like arrow, button etc. I can add these Gtk containers
> and widgets by invoking instances of the respectable classes from the
> source code, but they are not available graphically. This is how my
> ToolbarPad looks like.
> This is my monodevelop configuration. I am new to Gtk#, please let me
> know if any project settings are needed to get the graphical
> containers and widgets or there is some problem with the sdk version.
may I suggest you to post this issue on the MonoDevelop mailing list as
you have access to the main MD experts there.

I'm also using MD and have experienced this kind of trouble. Please
check the file gtk-gui/objects.xml if it contains any errors. I've
experienced a very lousy issue: MD sometimes eats up this file or
portions of it. Then it's no longer possible to work on the GUI parts of
your project unless you restore the file from backup.

Kind regards
Jacek Rużyczka

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