[Gtk-sharp-list] EntryCompletition and MatchSelected event

Venturelli, Roberto roberto at robertoventurelli.com
Fri Jan 4 12:00:48 UTC 2013

I'm new with GTK# and I have a problem with an EntryCompletition which is
not firing the MatchSelected event.
This is the code that is in a subclassed Entry class:

public void FillCompletion()

ListStore store = new ListStore(typeof(string), typeof(string));
store.AppendValues("One", "Apple");
store.AppendValues("Two", "Banana");
store.AppendValues("Three", "Orange");

base.Completion = new EntryCompletion();
base.Completion.MatchSelected += Completion_MatchSelected;
base.Completion.Model = store;

CellRendererText column1 = new CellRendererText();
base.Completion.PackStart(column1, false);
base.Completion.AddAttribute(column1, "text", 0);

CellRendererText column2 = new CellRendererText();
base.Completion.PackStart(column2, false);
base.Completion.AddAttribute(column2, "text", 1);

base.Completion.MatchFunc = delegate(EntryCompletion completion, stringkey,
TreeIter iter)

string val1 = Convert.ToString(completion.Model.GetValue(iter, 0));

string val2 = Convert.ToString(completion.Model.GetValue(iter, 1));

return (val1.ToLower().StartsWith(key.ToLower()) ||



private void Completion_MatchSelected(object o, MatchSelectedArgs args)

// Event never fired!!!
base.Text = Convert.ToString(args.Model.GetValue(args.Iter, 0));


I've tried also with other EntryCompletition events (CursorOnMatch,
ActionActivated and PrefixInserted), but none of these works...
Any ideas???

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