[Gtk-sharp-list] Application hangs on exit, when using TCP remoting.

Tomas Trescak tomi.trescak at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 09:03:50 UTC 2012


I have an application that is using GTK sharp for UI and TCP remoting to 
obtain data from another application.
When I am trying to exit the application it hangs and it has to be 
killed manually.
I am using MAC and the latest stable version of everything.

I even programmatically kill thread in which the TCP remoting connection 
is running as well as I successfully unregister the TCP channel.
I tried switching to WCF, but the result was the same and application 
hanged on exit.

I have the very same functionality done with MonoMac and application 
exists successfully.
Do you have any ideas?

If you want I can send an example code.


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