[Gtk-sharp-list] Combobox with DataSource

Amorphiell philippe.grohrock at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 13:15:56 UTC 2012

Okay, so there is the thing I somehow overlooked, thanks a lot. Sometimes
it's hard to spot the obvious when you're looking for something very
special =)

I've already worked with the TreeModel to display data and I've seen
examples on how to populate comboboxes with that (from Michael Hutchinson),
so your short and quick reply was indeed the key element I was missing.



2012/8/2 Wolfgang Silbermayr [via Mono] <
ml-node+s1490590n4650690h47 at n4.nabble.com>

> On 2012-08-02 13:08, Amorphiell wrote:
> > Options.DViewMan is the corresponding DataViewManager, coming from a
> > public static class, so that should not be the problem. The error I get
> > is a "Gtk.Combobox" does not contain a definition for DataSource and no
> > extension method could be found etc. ... (missing using directive or
> > assembly reference?) (It's in German and I don't have the exactly
> > matching English translation) Any ideas on where I am missing something?
> > Because from what I read the DataSource is part of System.Data, so that
> > reference is there.
> Are you using a Gtk.ComboBox intentionally? If yes, you won't be able to
> set the DataSource property of it, because there is none. The example in
> the bugtracker that you found used the ComboBox from
> System.Windows.Forms [0], which has nothing to do with Gtk. With Gtk you
> either can feed a string[] to the ComboBox, or you create a TreeModel
> that is used. This however is beyond the scope of what I can quickly
> write here. The documentation for the Gtk combobox is at [1].
> Regards, Wolfgang.
> --
> [0]
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.combobox.aspx
> [1] http://docs.go-mono.com/?link=T%3aGtk.ComboBox
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