[Gtk-sharp-list] Updated .msi for .NET?

Edmund Kapusniak edmund.kapusniak at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:18:11 UTC 2012


  I am trying to use Gtk# to write a cross-platform application.  I am developing on Mac, but my users are using Windows.  The download of Gtk# for .NET from the mono site is very old - version 2.12.10 from the 9th of July 2010. 

  With this .msi installed, I appear to be running into this bug, which makes it impossible to write a custom TreeModel:


  According to that page, this bug was fixed in July 2011.

  Are there any plans to release an updated .msi with this fix?  Alternatively, are there step-by-step instructions for building a new .msi?  I have had nightmares in the past trying to compile various pieces of mono on my Mac, so any assistance would be appreciated.


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