[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# Bindings to Gtk+ 3.0

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 09:23:22 EST 2011

Someone mentioned to me that the Gtk# bindings to Gtk+ 3.0 are in the git master at GitHub.

Can someone release a “developer preview” or “beta” of the gtk# bindings for gtk+ 3.0 please?

This will help those big time who want to port their gtk# applications to gtk# 3.0.

I wish someone would blog or email the gtk-sharp-list so others will know.

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I'm also in full agreement with this.  Is there a current project where help could be given?

I've recently been looking at converting an existing real-time
    plotting package from Gtk/Gdk drawing to Cairo, as initial
    measurements show a worthwhile performance improvement.  From GitHub
    I see that all the Cairo samples in Gtk# ( https://github.com/mono/gtk-sharp/tree/master/sample ) have been updated to Gtk 3.0 (~Feb 2011), but with the current Mono/Gtk# downloads these cannot be run. 


On 08/11/2011 16:29, Daniel Morgan wrote: 
Is anyone currently working on the gtk# bindings to gtk# 3.0?
>Where are we?
>I think it is important if we want to see Mono / Gtk# to continue on the desktop that a stable gtk# bindings be released for gtk+ 3.0.
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