[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# in Monodevelop with Mono 2.6.7

Felix Natter felix.natter at smail.inf.fh-brs.de
Mon Mar 21 15:48:32 EDT 2011

Felix Natter <felix.natter at smail.inf.fh-brs.de> writes:

> hello,
> I am running Debian Lenny with an ancient Mono, that's why I installed
> the debian squeeze Packages (backports.org) for mono 2.6.7
> (mono-complete package) and gtk-sharp2 2.12.9 (package gtk-sharp2).
> However, when using Monodevelop (2.2.1) with the GUI designer
> to create a simple Gtk Window and then run it, I get:

I forgot the Application.Init() ;-)

Sorry for the noise,
Felix Natter

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