[Gtk-sharp-list] Undo Mechanism for Gtk#?

Jacek Rużyczka stacheldraht at interia.pl
Sun Mar 6 09:47:47 EST 2011

Hi folks,

is there a ready-to-use undo stack for Gtk# available? I've only heard of 
gundo fore Gtk+, buth without a trace of a C# / .NET binding, and of a project 
to integrate some undo mechanism into Gtk+: http://live.gnome.org/GTK+/Undo 

What I really need is some method of undoing editions made to Gtk# widgets 
like entries, combo boxes, or tree views by just clicking "Undo" or pressing 
Ctrl+Z. Any hints?

Kind regards
Jacek Rużyczka

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