[Gtk-sharp-list] How to port a Mono GTK# app to other platforms?

Andres G. Aragoneses knocte at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 08:52:27 EDT 2011

Hi. My recommendation is that you take a look at how this is done in 
Banshee. There is code to generate a Windows installer.

On 07/03/2011 11:24 AM, sebastianbk wrote:
> I am working on a Mono GTK# desktop app written in C#. I have developed my
> app using the MonoDevelop IDE (v2.4.2) on a Mac (OS X v10.6.7). My app
> depends on the /GTK#/ library (obviously) as well as the /Mono.WebServer2/
> library for running a local ASP.NET server.
> I have tested my app on my own Mac as well as other Macs. Everything is
> working out great. Now, I am interested in porting my app to other platforms
> (specifically, Windows 7 and Ubuntu v11.04). I have been playing around with
> the *mkbundle* command but I haven't had any luck in creating a working
> bundle for other platforms than Mac OS X.
> Since I have tried a number of different solutions without success, I would
> like to hear from the Mono developers out there. What do you do to port your
> app to other platforms?
> I have been developing C# using Visual Studio for a long time but I am new
> to the Mono development environment. Therefore, I would very much appreciate
> a detailed explanation.
> Thank you very much!
> PS. This question has also been asked at
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6562300/how-to-port-a-mono-gtk-app-to-other-platforms
> Stack Overflow .

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