[Gtk-sharp-list] Treeview nodes will intermittently not expand

Tara.Hemphill at l-3com.com Tara.Hemphill at l-3com.com
Fri Jul 1 15:20:26 EDT 2011

Sorry in advance for the vague conditions in which the problem below
occurs. It is very intermittent, and I have not pinned down a consistent
set of steps that reproduce it yet. (Which is why I'm asking for some
general or common things that might cause it)


The application I'm working on consists of
MonoDevelop.Components.Docking dock frames. There is a tabbed group of
panels in one if the frames, and one of them has a Gtk Treeview in it.
Every now and then, the nodes of the Treeview will not expand when
clicking on the + button. This does not go away until restarting the


However, since I have not been able to consistently reproduce it, I'm
kind of at a loss of what to look for/mess with to fix it. So does
anyone have any ideas on what might generally cause the nodes to not
expand when clicked? Or any better steps I should try in order to
reproduce it?


Tara Hemphill

Software Engineer

L-3 Communications - Integrated Systems

Phone: x3012


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