[Gtk-sharp-list] Custom widget resize problem

Iliya Iliev celyo at mail.bg
Wed Jan 12 17:39:06 EST 2011

I'm a newbie in GTK# and I'm trying to create simple custom widget based on Entry widget.
But I have a problem when with resizing of my widget. I put an instance of my class in HBox (by Stetic
GUI designer) with PackStart, after that put some button with PackEnd
and after that when I resize window then my component didn't resize by
stay in original size. When I do exactly the same thing using Entry
class all works fine.
Here is sample code of my class:

      public class CSBaseEntry : Entry
          public CSBaseEntry ()

and this is all code in my class.

I have no idea why when I'm using Entry all works but when I'm using CSBaseEntry it didn't.
Could you help me please!

Best regards,
Iliya Iliev

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