[Gtk-sharp-list] How to display data from a SQLite database into a GTK# TreeView?

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Sat Apr 30 11:03:46 EDT 2011


Thanks this was really nice! I had reached the conclusion that I need to
write my own version of the tree  model, but you just saved me a lot of
work, I really appreciate it.
As far as the other error, I found out the problem (I think): the cell
renderer reference when creating the column and when adding a cell to
display data must be the same. Interestingly enough, it worked if I used one
object reference for all the cells throughout the table. I guess I just need
to read more into the GTK+ documentation.

Thank you again.


2011/4/29 Christian Hoff [via Mono] <
ml-node+3483937-1295176258-233715 at n4.nabble.com>

> Hey,
> > http://www.mono-project.com/GtkSharp_TreeView_Tutorial. First I create
> the
> > model (ListStore) by initializing it with the string type for the data of
> > every column. Then I append the columns of the data table to the tree
> > view.
> > Then I engage the sqlite reader, and for every entry I add its data to
> the
> > model. Then I add a cell for each column pointing to the data. Finally, I
> > give the tree view its model.
> The clean way would be to create your own TreeModel for the kind of data
> you are trying to read.
> I have written a model for Sytem.Data.DataViews and generalized to it to
> take any type of list some time ago, and these are sufficient probably for
> most of all queries.
> Using your own TreeModel causes a significant performance boost compared to
> copying the data in the beginning and is a more clean approach to the
> problem.
> Simply use treeModel = new Gtk.TreeModelAdapter(new
> IListStore(mydataview)));
> to make it work.
> Maybe some day we can get this integrated into Gtk# trunk. I still think
> that IList support would be a valueable addition, but unfortunately I did
> not have the time to pursue this further.
> You might also want to look at gtk-databind at
> http://gtk-databind.arsis.net/, but the project seems to be dead.
> Unfortunately, I cannot help you with the specific error you are seeing
> with your code.
> - Christian
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