[Gtk-sharp-list] Get the Background Color of a Widget

Frank Gutierrez Domínguez f.gutierrez at lab.matcom.uh.cu
Wed Apr 13 16:12:36 EDT 2011


I’m developing a Gtk# version of a Windows.Forms originally made custom
Control, so I have to substitute all references to Control members for
something equivalent in Gtk. Instead of inheriting my control from
System.Windows.Forms as the original, I’m inheriting from Gtk.DrawingArea,
thus having access to Gtk.Widget members. The thing is in the original
Winforms implementation there are many references to
Control.BackgroundColor, like in:

if (this.BackColor == Color.Black)

{ ... }

And I can’t find the way to ask for the current BG color of a Widget. Every
previous reference to that that appears in Google is for modifying it, with
Widget.ModifyBg(), but I don’t wanna changed it, just ask for it.

Can anyone help?

Please, I need this ASAP, ‘cause it’s for my grade thesis.



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