[Gtk-sharp-list] Embedded DB or Cached Dataset

Jacek Rużyczka stacheldraht at interia.pl
Fri Sep 24 09:57:50 EDT 2010


Am Freitag 24 September 2010 05:48:38 schrieb Aaron Radich:
> I'm creating an embedded Mono GTK# application that needs to maintain
> a single table with 100K records in it.  What's the best way to go
> about doing this?  Can you save a DataSet to disk and then load it
> when the application starts up?  Or, would it be better to install a
> DBMS on the computer that will run the embedded application?
I would rather suggest an RDBMS. There are several good & reliable embedded 
RDBMSes available for free (SQLite, for instance), so you have lots of 
solutions to choose from. BTW, these solutions support standard-conforming 

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