[Gtk-sharp-list] viewers for different file types

Natalia Portillo claunia at claunia.com
Sun Sep 5 20:29:16 EDT 2010


>> I have not checked SharpZip, but Ionic.Zip supports streams. I use it to create ZIP64 encrypted files on memory and send them to a web server without never writing a file.
>> It also supports Gzip, dunno about Bzip2.
>> The LZMA SDK of 7-Zip works also on streams.
>> I have not checked for audio, video or PDF, but I'm pretty sure that Tao.Framework (for audio and video using ffmpeg library, not pure C# but fully multiplatform) uses streams, and I know there is a PDF viewer and creator C# library, pure C#, no external dependencies.
> Can you point me to the right direction for the PDF library? i've 
> searched around but couldn't find anything.
> i've seen there are bindings for poppler library that are poppler-sharp, 
> but without any sort of documentation on how to install/use them with 
> monodevelop, and without any example or documentation on how to 
> implement something using them :(

No, sorry, last time I checked it was on 2007, I don't even remember the name.

Natalia Portillo

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