[Gtk-sharp-list] Equivalent to Windows.Forms DateTimePicker

Jacek Rużyczka stacheldraht at interia.pl
Sat Sep 4 14:31:42 EDT 2010

Am Samstag 04 September 2010 18:27:02 schrieb Adam Tauno Williams:
> > 2.- MonoDevelop 2.4 does not recognize it as containing any widget, so no
> > designer. 3.- I'm unable to put it inside the VBox created by
> > MonoDevelop designer in the dialog.
> I assume 3 is related to 2.
> This is Holly Gtk# widgets issue#7.
Yes, I can say this as a heavy MD user: MD sometimes doesn't recognize ready-
to-use Gtk# components as such, so you have to add them yourself in the source 

I myself do have created such a widget (not exactly a combo box, but an entry 
with button, which brings up a Calendar widget to pick date & time from). I 
can hardly advertise it as an allrozund component for everybody (it's tied to 
the app I'm writing), but if you are interested, I can post the source code 

Kind regards
Jacek Rużyczka

Duzi chlopcy lubia wampiry i krew.

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