[Gtk-sharp-list] Cairo to Pixbuf

Agro Rachmatullah agro1986 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 04:04:22 EST 2010


I need to draw some stuffs using Cairo, and then compose the set of
images by using Pixbufs... Here's my method currently:

1) Draw on Cairo.ImageSurface using Cairo.Context
2) Save the ImageSurface into a png file
3) Load the png file into Gdk.Pixbuf
4) Perform image composition

I don't like the intermediary disk step, so is there any way to
directly draw into a Pixbuf, or draw to "something" other than
ImageSurface and then directly reading the data into Pixbuf from that
"something"? I've spend hours fiddling with the documentation and
trying many stuffs but couldn't find a path that connects Cairo and
Pixbuf without using a file... Thanks a lot!

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