[Gtk-sharp-list] A text view widget with a transparent background, and some other pure evil.

Greg Lowe greg at vis.net.nz
Mon Mar 22 23:35:18 EDT 2010

> I also wanted to do something like this.

I got it working in my demo.

Click on the canvas to enter text, enter text. Click again to apply the text
to the bitmap. You can zoom, and change the text size while entering text.

I'm not sure if it's a usable solution though - it's got a few extreme hacks
to work around what I think may be textview bugs - or at least "unspecified

Does anyone else here know of some other re-usable text input code, that
works with Pango and Cairo. Preferably C#.

Source code and monodevelop project files can be found here:

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