[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeModelAdapter hangs with my TreeModelImplementor class

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Sun Mar 7 08:57:15 EST 2010

I have already written such a TreeModel years ago and later revamped it 
to handle all lists implementing the IList interface(Collections, 
DataView, ..) with the appropriate columns (see attached file). I hope 
this helps :-) .

Still I would like to see something like this into Gtk# trunk as this is 
in my opinion one of the essential features that the binding is still 
lacking. I don't want know how many people transfer the elements of .NET 
ILists into a Gtk.ListView. I will talk to Mike (the Gtk# maintainer) 
again and see what we can do. IMO, such a tree model would be a really 
nice addition for Gtk# 3.0.


b0rg wrote:
> Hi 
> This is my first post here. I'm moving from VS2005 to MonoDevelop and I try
> to make some controls based on GTK#, that are more familiar with that I used
> to work with. But I have very little experience with GTK.
> I've been looking around in various posts on how to make a custom adapter
> for a TreeView (in fact using a System.Data.Dataview) so I implement a
> TreeModelImplementor with this:
> http://n4.nabble.com/file/n1583443/GDataViewStore.cs GDataViewStore.cs 
> and I use this class with this:
> this.myTreeView.Model = new TreeModelAdapter(new
> GDataViewStore(this.dView));
> Everything works unexpectedly well if dataview has rows, but if dView is
> empty (dView.Count==0) it hangs until it is killed by OOM killer. It seems
> that IterNext is called forever.
> If I change IterNext and check that there are no rows in dataview with this:
> 		public bool IterNext (ref Gtk.TreeIter iter)
> 		{
> 			if(dview.Count == 0) return false; // If dataview is empty, there is
> nothing next
> 			int rowindex = GetRowByIter(iter);
> 			if(rowindex == dview.Count - 1) 
> 				return false;
> 			else {
> 				iter = GetIterByRow(rowindex + 1);
> 				return true;
> 			}
> 		}
> I get a 
> Gtk-CRITICAL **: file /build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.18.3/gtk/gtktreeview.c: line
> 5944 (validate_visible_area): assertion `has_next' failed.
> There is a disparity between the internal view of the GtkTreeView,
> and the GtkTreeModel.  This generally means that the model has changed
> without letting the view know.  Any display from now on is likely to
> be incorrect.
> and an out of range exception in GetValue.
> Is there a right way to do this?
> Forgive my long post, I would appreciate your assistance.
> Thanks 

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