[Gtk-sharp-list] How to keep a GTK window maximized on Windows?

Milton Pividori miltondp at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 11:47:12 EST 2010

Same problem. I'm using the Gtk# installer, but I changed the Gtk+
version to 2.16 and it works now.

El jue, 04-03-2010 a las 09:38 -0800, Dimitar Dobrev escribió:
> Hi all. I have a strange problem with a GTK# application of mine: when
> my
> application is initially maximized, and I minimize it and then click
> it in
> the task-bar to show it on the screen again, the main window is no
> longer
> maximized, I have to manually re-maximize it. Pidgin on Windows does
> the
> same thing and I believe it is some kind of GTK configuration problem.
> How
> can I tell my window never to be automatically un-maximized like this?
> I'd
> prefer a way which does not involve manually saving and restoring the
> window
> size and position. 

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