[Gtk-sharp-list] Problem with drag and drop expand-on-hover for a TreeView

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 19:00:30 EST 2010

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 4:57 PM, Matthew Pirocchi
<matthew.pirocchi at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a handler that looks like this in my TreeView:
> [GLib.ConnectBefore]
> void HandleDragMotion (object o, DragMotionArgs args)
> {
>        TreePath path;
>        TreeViewDropPosition pos;
>        if (!GetDestRowAtPos (args.X, args.Y, out path, out pos))
>                return;
>        if (pos == TreeViewDropPosition.Before)
>                SetDragDestRow (path, TreeViewDropPosition.IntoOrBefore);
>        else if (pos == TreeViewDropPosition.After)
>                SetDragDestRow (path, TreeViewDropPosition.IntoOrAfter);
>        Gdk.Drag.Status (args.Context, args.Context.SuggestedAction, args.Time);
>        args.RetVal = true;
> }
> ...
> DragMotion += HandleDragMotion;
> Basically all it does is make sure you can only drop ON rows, not
> BETWEEN them. My problem is that this disables expand-on-hover for
> drag and drop. If I get rid of the last line (args.RetVal = true;),
> expand-on-hover is enabled again, but so is dropping between rows.
> Is there any way to achieve both of these things? Theoretically, I
> should be able to just implement the expand-on-hover myself, but I
> can't find any code for what it's supposed to look like. I tried using
> the ExpandHover property (turing it on on DragBegin, and off on
> DragEnd), but it only expands the first row that you hover over, then
> stops working.

The args.RetVal = true prevents the default handler being called.
Presumably the default handler is what handles the expand. So maybe
you could only suppress it in some cases...

void HandleDragMotion (object o, DragMotionArgs args)
       TreePath path;
       TreeViewDropPosition pos;
       if (!GetDestRowAtPos (args.X, args.Y, out path, out pos))

       TreeViewDropPosition overrideDrop;
       if (pos == TreeViewDropPosition.Before) {
               overrideDrop = TreeViewDropPosition.IntoOrBefore;
        } else if (pos == TreeViewDropPosition.After) {
               overrideDrop = TreeViewDropPosition.IntoOrAfter;
        } else {
               //it's an "Into" action so fall though to the default handler

        SetDragDestRow (path, overrideDrop);
        Gdk.Drag.Status (args.Context, args.Context.SuggestedAction, args.Time);
        args.RetVal = true;

Michael Hutchinson

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