[Gtk-sharp-list] Problem with CellRendererToggle in a TreeViewColumn with multiple CellRenderers

Matthew Pirocchi matthew.pirocchi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 15:06:57 EST 2010

I have a TreeModel representing a tree of Tags. Each Tag has these
properties, among others:

string Name
bool Active
Tag Parent
TagList Children (basically just a List<Tag>)

The TreeView has a single column, with two CellRenderers: a
CellRendererToggle for Active, and a CellRendererText for name. I want
them in the same column, because multiple columns gets messy as you
get farther down the descendants in the TreeView.

My problem is that when I click *anywhere* in the column, the
CellRendererToggle is toggled. This is problematic, because I want to
do things like dragging the tags, and renaming them inline. Is there
any way to make the CellRendererToggle *only* get toggled when I click
on the checkbox itself, without moving it to a separate column?

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