[Gtk-sharp-list] How to show custom window and do the computation in the background

Maciej Pilichowski bluedzins at wp.pl
Fri Jun 25 14:17:33 EDT 2010


  Lame question I know, but I cannot figure it out. I have custom 
dialog (it is a progress dialog of mine) and I would like to show it, 
while doing some computation.

  So basically it should look like this:

(1) show
(2) meanwhile: real work
(3) close the dialog

  However when I call dlg.Run(), the dialog is shown, but the 
execution stops and (2) is done after closing the dialog. When I call 
dlg.Show() then (2) is executed immediately but dialog is not shown.

  So -- how to have both worlds, show the dialog and do the 

  Thank you in advance.


PS. I couldn't pass the google query because "show window background" 
is more popular for "how to set custom background for a window" ;-)

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