[Gtk-sharp-list] TypeInitializationException with Gtk# 2.12.10 on Windows Vista

Zach Bean zb at forty2.com
Mon Jul 19 22:41:57 EDT 2010

Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 11:16 PM, Zach Bean <zb at forty2.com> wrote:
>> I've installed the Gtk# runtime, version 2.12.10, but when I try running my
>> app, it exits immediately.  Debugging with Visual Studio Express 2008 shows
>> that it's a "System.TypeInitializationException" being thrown on
>> Gtk.Application.Init.  Apparently the cause was a DllNotFoundException
>> complaining about not being able to load libgthread-2.0-0.dll ({"Unable to
>> load DLL 'libgthread-2.0-0.dll': The specified procedure could not be found.
>> (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007F)"}).
>> I see the same issue on Windows 7, but not on Windows XP.
> 64-bit?
As it turned out, 64-bit *was* part of the problem on Win7.  In case it 
helps someone else seeing a problem like this one, the bigger problem 
was that another software package (GraphViz) had installed *very* old 
versions of some of the GLib DLLs.  Since it had inserted itself into my 
Path before I ever installed GtkSharp, those versions were getting used 
instead of the "correct" ones.  Re-ordering the Path cleared it right up.

Thanks everyone for the tips!


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