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Stefano Del Furia delfo at edudotnet.it
Sat Jan 30 11:32:02 EST 2010

thanks for your reply, but i had yet found your suggestion.
I'm "googleing"  from a week without any lucky.
i have tried also to wrap the XTestFakeButtonEvent but i don't know what 
library i must "importo": X11 or Xlib or xlibtst or xtst or xlibtst.so 6 ... 
and so on.

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> i'm developing a whiteboard application for using a Wiimote as mouse 
> I have almost do everything but i'm stuck on the problem about how to move 
the mouse cursor programmatically, send mouse input to all windows on 
desktop and so on.
> I know that "normal" c++ software can use this code:
> void fake_move(int x, int y)
> {
> Display* display = XOpenDisplay(0);
> XTestFakeMotionEvent(display, -1, x, y, 0);
> XCloseDisplay(display);
> DEBUG_MSG(4, "Mouse moved: %dx%d\n", x, y);
> }
> void fake_button(int button, bool pressed)
> {
> Display* display = XOpenDisplay(0);
> XTestFakeButtonEvent(display, button, pressed, 0);
> XCloseDisplay(display);
> DEBUG_MSG(4, "Mouse button #%d's state changed to %d\n", button,
> pressed); }
> but i don't know how if this "X" call are supported by the library or how 
to import and use  this functions.

Check out 
You should be able to use Gdk.Display.WarpPointer to move the cursor, but I 
don't think that Gtk# is properly wrapping Gdk.Event, so there appears to be 
no way to construct a new event to feed to Gdk.Display.PutEvent.  (However, 
this is just what I've figured out with ~3 minutes of googling, so I could 
be wrong.)


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