[Gtk-sharp-list] removing childrens of a node in treeview

Rampage atomikramp at email.it
Thu Aug 19 21:33:19 EDT 2010

Christopher David Howie ha scritto:
> On 08/19/2010 01:34 PM, Rampage wrote:
>> i've adapted your snipplet to work in the testcollapse, and it works 
>> great, it removes all child nodes.
>> the problem is that once all children are deleted i can't add anything 
>> anymore, couse it looks like the iter goes lost, and without the dummy 
>> value i can't test expansion anymore to trigger the population event.
> My understanding (someone correct me if I'm wrong) is that the only iter
> that is guaranteed to be valid is the one you're working on when you
> mutate the tree.  Therefore the original node's iter will be invalid
> after the first call to Remove().
> To work around this, consider inserting your dummy node into the list of
> child notes, right at the front.  Then call IterNext on that iter to get
> the first child to remove, then proceed as normal.  So, do something
> like this instead:
> TreeIter node = GetIterBeingCollapsed();
> int depth = model.IterDepth(node);
> TreeIter dummy = model.InsertNode(node, 0);
> // set values on dummy...
> if (model.IterNext(ref dummy)) {
>     while (model.IterDepth(dummy) > depth &&
>            model.Remove(ref dummy));
> }
Wow, wonderfull, it really works like a charm, i still don't understand 
what out and ref means, i'm really n00b in c# so it was a bit tricky, 
but now everything seems to work perfectly

Thank you very much for the help.

PS: there are so many things i would like to ask you about gtk# i didn't 
find documentation about.. but i don't want to bug you too much :)

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