[Gtk-sharp-list] No Designer Tab with C# GTK project

Bojan Rajkovic severedcross at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 13:36:02 EDT 2010

  On 08/10/2010 12:07 PM, cyberclops wrote:
> Please excuse me if this is a dumb one but I am new to Mono and GTK.
> I am running on Mac OSX V10.6 (SnowLeopard).
> I installed V2.6.7 on Mono and MonoDevelop V2.4 for Mac OSX.
> For some reason, I do not have a designer tab in my C# GTK project.
> If I click on Tools->Add-in Manager I do not see GTK in the list of Add-ins
> currently installed.
> If I click on +Install Add-ins...  I see GTK, but selecting any combinatilon
> for GTK gives me the following error ...
> The selected add-in cannot be installed because there are dependency
> confilcts.
> The package 'GtkCore v2.4' could not be found in any repository.
> Can anyone help me get thisresolved?
> Thanks,
> Lowell
Hi Lowell,

The GTK# designer isn't supported on the Mac due to deficiencies with 
GTK+'s drag-and-drop functionality on Mac. You'll have to use Linux or 
Windows to design GTK# UI's with MonoDevelop.


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