[Gtk-sharp-list] Leaving the Gtk# project

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Wed Sep 30 12:29:23 EDT 2009

Hi all,

after working on Gtk# for over a year, I now have to leave the project 
for my study at IBM starting at October 1st.

There are a few patches that I started to work on and which I hope to 
get finished along with my study. First, I'd like to get the out-array 
fix ready.
Unfortunately, the IList/DataView tree model won't make it into Gtk# as 
a clean implementation can only be done by using extension methods. The 
code is basically ready and I think that it would be a nice extension 
for a 3rd party project (possibly Gtk# beans).

It's great to see how Gtk# and Mono in general have evolved. There are 
quite a few improvements in Gtk# trunk:
- GIO bindings
- Support for virtual methods in the generator
- Massive deglueing
- A much more powerful GLib library
- Lots of bug fixes

I hope that Gtk+ and Gtk# 2.90 will be released soon. I'll stay 
subscribed to the gtk-sharp and gtk-sharp-bugs lists at least until then.

My thanks go out to Mike Kestner for all the patch reviews,  for his 
patience in some endless IRC sessions and finally for starting to work 
on the bindings years ago. He even sacrificed much of his free weekend 
time doing patches for Gtk#. Thank you very much, Mike!


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