[Gtk-sharp-list] [Mono-dev] Gtk depends on Winforms ¿?

Stefanos A. stapostol at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 12:08:05 EDT 2009

Την Wed, 09 Sep 2009 18:05:42 +0300,ο(η) Christian Hoff  
<christian_hoff at gmx.net> έγραψε:

> I would really appreciate some feedback from the community as to whether
> the new approach works (that is, if the attached application appears
> with visual styles enabled). Just reply with a screenshot of the running
> app on XP if you're not sure what I mean :-) .

Didn't render with visual styles here (Vista x86 Business w/ SP2).

What magic sauce is Application.DoEvents using? I wonder if it is  
performing any static initialization (static constructors and/or fields).

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