[Gtk-sharp-list] Exclusive button group (vbuttonbox)?

Martin Brodbeck martin at brodbeck-online.de
Wed Nov 25 07:22:52 EST 2009


first of all, I'm very new to Mono/MonoDevelop/GTK#, and this is certainly a 
typical newbie question. 

I would like to have a the following in my main window:
- a notebook widget on the right
- a kind of navigation bar on the left, which selects the displayed notebook 

For the navigation bar, I chose a VButtonBox. My problem is now that I would 
like to have exclusively checkable (toggle) buttons in the VButtonBox. I guess 
something similar is used in the Evolution mail client in order to switch 
between Mail, Contact, Kalendar, and so on.
(I think Qt has a QButtonGroup and/or QGroupBox which does exactly what I 

So far, I only managed to get a VButtonBox with "normal" buttons (with the 
MonoDevelop GUI designer) or - only manually - with toggle buttons ( [...] 
vbuttonbox.Add(new Gtk.ToggleButton("Test")); [...] ), but these buttons are 
not exclusive.

Or am I on the wrong track? How can I come up to this kind of navigation bar?

Thanks a lot

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