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Andy York andy at brdstudio.net
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Thanks Michael,
I would be willing to ask and for that matter help if my minor skills 
can be of use, I'm going to guess that the way to contact the packagers 
for Windows and Mac would be listed on the mono-project.com web site?


On 11/17/2009 9:26 PM, Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 7:18 PM, Andy York<andy at brdstudio.net>  wrote:
>> Remember this is just an opinion but I feel that the apprentice of Gtk#
>> applications look very nice on Linux distros like Suse, Fedora, or Ubuntu
>> but it always seems to  that when I look a one of my Gtk# applications on
>> Windows it does not look nearly as nice in a addition to missing stock
>> images that seem to be available in all Linux distros. Maybe I'm doing
>> something wrong but that is how a feel about the appearance of Gtk# on
>> Windows.
>> I am of the opinion that aesthetics are important in application development
>> so if I am able to make my applications look nicer on Windows I'm going to
>> try.
> The standard GTK+ icon set is pretty small - on Linux people tend to
> assume that they have the full Gnome Tango icon theme. Maybe someone
> could make the argument to our packagers for including the Gnome Tango
> icon theme with the GTK we ship on Mac and Windows, instead of the
> standard GTK+ set.
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