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Andrew York andy at brdstudio.net
Tue Nov 10 12:36:23 EST 2009

I have been debating this very same question, my current plans are to 
specify a theme I supply for Windows rather than relying on the default 
theme and to specify the images if want for the actions. Initial tests 
work really well but that is just a prof-of-concept and nothing more I'm 
sure there are many problems waiting to appear.

.I have the same problem I can count on the themes in Linux to help with 
appearance but on the Windows side it doesn't work too well, because it 
would rely on users actively seeking out and installing themes.

I look forward to where you are going with this.

On 11/10/2009 11:01 AM, Vladimir Giszpenc wrote:
> Hi,
> After developing an app on Linux that targeted Linux, I oversold GTK's 
> ability to run on Windows and Mac.  It runs but it looks very foreign. 
>  The tubes say different things about how theming will/does work.  Is 
> there a sample, tutorial or how to on getting my app to look a little 
> more native on Windows [and the Mac]?  I thought a native theme would 
> automagically get used but I was sadly disappointed.  My next 
> assumption is that Gtk# will make this easy and painless.
> Thank you for any help,
> Vlad
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