[Gtk-sharp-list] what is best approach to update model for TreeView?

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Fri Mar 27 10:50:26 EDT 2009

danieru wrote:
> So, the questions:
> 1. I understand that I should let the GTK main loop thread handle GUI
> changes; I've been doing this with the invoke method, but does this rule
> apply to the model that is tied to the TreeView as well?  Should my queue
> thread ask the GTK loop thread to make all the changes to the model, or can
> the queue thread make the changes and the GTK main loop will auto-notice
> them and update the treeview?
Yes, this rule applies to the model as well. The model can only be 
updated from the Gtk thread.
> 2. In connection with question one, are there any extra steps I need to take
> to notify the GTK main loop?  I've looked through the ListStore methods and
> I'm seeing methods like 'EmitRowChanged', etc. These would seem to imply
> that the GTK main loop won't notice these changes...and maybe that my queue
> thread can change the model, but I'm not sure.
No, these methods in ListStore shall not be called directly. They are 
members of GtkTreeModel, but as we generate that class as a .net 
interface, we cannot place the method code in the interface itself.
> 3. I want to be able to perform actions based on a unique ID in my data
> rows, remove them, update them, etc. What methods/approaches are good for
> this with GTK, both from the user side (e.g. capturing the row that the user
> clicked on), or from the program side (e.g. remove row with unique ID 'x')?
In general it is always a very bad idea to keep the data in two places 
in memory; e. g. in an array your program uses and in the ListStore. If 
you have to store your row data in another internal data structure and 
not just in the ListStore, you can write a custom TreeModel:


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