[Gtk-sharp-list] Bump up .net version requirement to 2.0?

Andy York andy at brdstudio.net
Mon Mar 2 19:58:56 EST 2009

As a simple level 1 Mono/Gtk# developer I would support this, I have 
nothing that requires support for 1.1. I feel if the move to require 2.0 
is holding you back you don't have a choice. Of course I don't have the 
level of knowledge that you do but I am willing to support your decision.


Christian Hoff wrote:
> The last few months I have been working on support for virtual methods 
> in GAPI, the code generator of Gtk#. By now many virtual methods lacking 
> a custom implementation are missing(like CellRenderer.Activate).
> As we want to get rid of most of the glue(C code) in the upcoming 2.14 
> release, my patch doesn't utilize glue to override and invoke virtual 
> methods. Instead it overrides/invokes these methods directly in the 
> unmanaged class structure using delegates.
> The problem with that approach is that it doesn't work with the 
> Microsoft .net Framework 1.1; making delegates out of unmanaged function 
> pointers does not work in that version. This is a limitation that was 
> fixed in the 2.0 release.  However, the patch won't break support with 
> Mono's 1.1 profile.
> That's why I was considering to bump up the .net version requirement to 
> 2.0. What do you think about that? Is there anyone out here who depends 
> on support for MS .net 1.1?
> Christian
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