[Gtk-sharp-list] Bump up .net version requirement to 2.0?

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Mon Mar 2 14:31:10 EST 2009

The last few months I have been working on support for virtual methods 
in GAPI, the code generator of Gtk#. By now many virtual methods lacking 
a custom implementation are missing(like CellRenderer.Activate).

As we want to get rid of most of the glue(C code) in the upcoming 2.14 
release, my patch doesn't utilize glue to override and invoke virtual 
methods. Instead it overrides/invokes these methods directly in the 
unmanaged class structure using delegates.

The problem with that approach is that it doesn't work with the 
Microsoft .net Framework 1.1; making delegates out of unmanaged function 
pointers does not work in that version. This is a limitation that was 
fixed in the 2.0 release.  However, the patch won't break support with 
Mono's 1.1 profile.

That's why I was considering to bump up the .net version requirement to 
2.0. What do you think about that? Is there anyone out here who depends 
on support for MS .net 1.1?


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