[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk#DataBindings v2.0 rc1 released

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Fri Jul 24 13:57:43 EDT 2009

Looking at the release notes, Gtk# DataBindings seems to support binding 
DataTables and DataViews.

I have implemented a custom tree model for ILists which will probably be 
committed to Gtk# soon. It also supports generating columns for lists 
implementing the ITypedList interface (for example DataView). For 
example, it allows you to bind Array, ArrayList and DataView objects. I 
will also backport this to the 2.12 branch.

The patch adds a "DataSource" property to Gtk.TreeView and all other 
tree-model based widgets.  I'm wondering if you are subclassing from 
Gtk.TreeView and use the same property name  as well? In that case, we 
should try to avoid a name clash.

We don't plan to implement a full-fledged databinding API as the Gtk# 
databindings provide, but we think that a tree model for ILists would be 
useful addition to Gtk#.


Matjaž Mihelič wrote:
> Release notes: http://gtk-databind.sourceforge.net/v2release.html
> FAQ: http://gtk-databind.sourceforge.net/v2FAQ.html

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