[Gtk-sharp-list] Mono Printing and Reporting

Christoph Burgdorf Christoph.Burgdorf at bvsn.org
Fri Jul 10 07:42:11 EDT 2009

Reports allways have been a big suffering and Im not quite sure if this
list ist he right place to look for answers. However I would be also
interested in a good reporting solution. Speaking for myself, I figured
out its much easier to build your own html based reports which can
easily be integrated in any app. This might be a semi professional
solution when it comes to bigger needs than just a few simple reports.



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I will migrate all my software in Mono + Gtk# cross platform, but the
unique determent is the Printing and Reporting functionality.


Now I utilize Crystal Report.


Utilizing Mono + Gtk#... how can substitute for Crystal Report? 


The possible substitute must to have: GUI user friendly, report file
generator, database linking, formulas passing, etc...


Any idea?



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