[Gtk-sharp-list] How to show dialog modal and wait for it?

Krzysztof Kotlenga pocek at users.sf.net
Sun Dec 27 13:33:36 EST 2009

Maciej Pilichowski wrote:

> On Friday 25 December 2009 11:47:37 Rafa wrote:
>> Are you sure the error is there?
> Well, I don't know. In my case I have FileChooseButton to select a 
> file. From code I call its method (on an object) SetFilename. But the 
> event SelectionChanged is called twice -- first with null filename, 
> the second time with proper one.

Try replacing SelectionChanged with FileSet event.

> And in handler of this event I load data from selected file and show 
> the message dialog. Since the event is triggered twice I have two 
> message dialogs.
> Even if FileChooseButton has a bug (very odd double event)

Although I'm a newbie here, indeed it looks like a bug to me, too.

BTW, the role of SelectionChanged signal in FileChooser{Widget,Dialog}
is clear, but the way it's supposed to work in FileChooserButton is
totally bizarre.

Oh, hey...

> calling modal dialog should stop processing events in main dialog

"Modal windows prevent interaction with other windows in the same
application." It doesn't mean they do that by stopping event

A: Because it breaks the logical sequence of discussion
Q: Why is top posting bad?

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